1. I bought a suit and sold it for 10% profit. If i had bought it for 10% less and sold it for 20% profit, i would have sold it for 25np less. Find the actual cost? (4 Marks)

2. x power 1/3 - x power 1/9 = 60. Find the value of x? (4 Marks)

3. Three squares are chosen at random in a chess board. Find the probability that the chosen squares form a diagonal. (6 Marks)

4. There are two stations A and B 99Kms apart. At each other station in between them, there is a sign post indicating the distance from A & B.

On how many posts, there are only two digits. (E.g. 33, 66) (6 Marks)

5. Allen, Betty, C, Gim, Ohio are a professional dancer, Oracle Professional, Harpic player and one is in waiting.

He got married. Now, if only the Oracle Professional speaks truth,

Given some conditions:

A : B is not a Professional dancer

B :

C : G is not Oracle Professional

G :

O : I will marry

Find the professions of each. (6 Marks)

6. Two dice are thrown. The numbers shown on the dice are not added but multiplied.

Some conditions are given


II 3 less than first throw

III 2 less than half of I



Find the scores of these five throws. (8 Marks)

7. There are two families Smiths and H family. and four children Rohan, Praveen, Praneeth, and Latif.

Some relation between their ages is given

1) Praneeth is the oldest

2) Youngest of H family is 2 years less than the youngest of Smiths family.



Find their ages (8 Marks)

8. T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z are the persons available. Out of them, 5 persons should be chosen.

1) T will not work with X

2) If V is there, X should also be there

3) If U is there, Y should also be there



Four questions are given on their arrangement (Multiple Choice Questions) (8 Marks)

Total Marks : 50

Total Time : 60 mins

And One Essay. – 15mins

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