1.In a competition, Tom Dick & Harry had 9,2 and 2 points respectively. Harry came 2nd in athletics, who came first in high jump?

2.A ship was on a dock .A rung was hanging for any one to climb on the ship. Miss Gary was supposed to climb the ship at 11a.m when 3 steps were visible .The distance between each step was 3 inches. The height of the tide was rising at 4 inches per hour. How many steps will Miss Gary have to climb when she reaches the dock at noon?

3.4 people are standing at the corners of a square with sides of 5km .The speed of 2nd person is double that of 1st. The speed of 3rd person is double that of 2nd .The speed of 4th person is double that of 3rd.What is the distance between 2nd and 4th person after an hour?

4.There was a river with a semi-circular bridge to cross it. The height of the bridge at the center was 40metres and at a distance of 20 meters from the bank it was 10 meters. What is the length of the bridge?

5.In a 5 digit nos., the 2nd digit is twice the 3rd ….

The 1st digit is thrice the 5th..

…..similar relations like that….determine the no.?

6.In a day according to ram, prob. of raining was ½.his success rate was 50% and according to shyam, prob. of raining was ¼.his success rate was 50%. What is the prob. That it will rain.

7.A man can carry food sufficient for a man for 4 days. He has to cross a desert and he will need food sufficient for 6 days. How many supporters he should engage to successfully cross the desert?

(hint: supporter must return after half way)

8.Questions on series….



Options were:- 6,7,8,9.

9.questions like 4 person are sitting around a table………….few instructions were given like A is sitting diagonal to D,B is sitting beside C……

Who is sitting to the right of A?

(the above is just an indicative eg.)

10.5 people were staying together(a,b,c,d,e) .their professions were…..

doctor was staying in room beside b.

c was engg. By profession….

Some more statements.

Who was staying in the 3rd room?

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